A book of meditations, prayers and
testimonies of healing.

Forty Days of Healing: A Book of Meditations, Prayers and Testimonies of Healing uses scripture, personal experience and heart compassion to express the prayers for healing that one desires. Through numerous experiences as a witness to healings, the author, J.D. Cobb recognized that her faith was somewhat different from others around her. As she focused on what she had witnessed as a child and many more healings as an adult, J.D. felt that if she shared her experiences, this would be a source of motivation for others to continue to pray and stand in faith for healing for themselves and others.

The scripture narratives, prayers and testimonies create an atmosphere of expectation that God is the same yesterday, today and forever and has not changed; God continues to heal today, just as He always has. Perhaps one will read the narrative on crystal clear water and be encouraged to pray more; or read about the fig leaf ointment and other testimonies and know that the healing presence of God/Christ is alive and available today. May your faith be magnified and healings manifested.

This published manuscript is the work of more than ten years with many observations of healing and prayers answered included in this book, but most assuredly, manifested by the operation of an individual’s faith or the faith of those around them. I believe the readers will enjoy hearing of a mother’s prayers answered for the healing for her children; or the effect of a loved one’s visit to one whom the doctors expected was his last hours, but instead lived many years.

These scriptures, prayers and testimonies reveal the heart of God for His people and the love that God so richly bestows on us, but only in alignment with our words and thoughts. May this book encourage you to speak the power of healing into the lives of others or into your own life. May your faith increase and your healing manifest.


As I was kneeling before God in prayer one morning, I heard the words, purpose: fulfillment. As I walked about during the day, I realized from various contexts of scripture that God has a purpose for each life. According to Ephesians chapter one, this purpose is in us from the time that we existed as spirit with God. Our function on earth is to stay close enough communication/communion with God that we seek to be on one accord with God’s will for us. Using Jeremiah 29:11-13 as a basis for this concept, God lets us know that His plan, purpose, and intent for us is for good: to give us a future, to prosper us and to keep hope alive in us until we see that for which we hope.


An Affirmation Prayer of Healing and Blessing

This Forty Days Prayer Fast

Life Eternal Life Love Eternal Love

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